NI police stepping up patrols following new coronavirus restrictions

Police are stepping up patrols in Northern Ireland following the new coronavirus restrictions.

The response would be “proportionate” but the only option at times will be to enforce them once new legislation is in place, assistant chief constable Alan Todd said.

The senior Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) officer urged everyone to adhere to new social distancing measures which are being turned into law.

He said: “I would remind everyone these measures have been introduced to save lives during this global emergency.

“In the meantime, PSNI officers will continue to serve its communities in order to protect life and ensure the safety and well being of people.

“Today, and in coming days, our officers will be there to explain what these changes mean for different members of the public, sections of community and businesses affected.

“We will be working though the finer details of this legislation over the coming days.

“Therefore, until the new legislation is in place, we will be increasing police patrols in key areas across Northern Ireland to engage with and provide guidance to anyone who contravenes the measures.”

When the legislation is active officers will continue to provide guidance to those who are failing to comply with these life-saving measures.

Mr Todd said: “Our response will be proportionate, however at times we will have no option but to enforce them for the greater good of everyone.

“Our priority throughout these challenging times remain to keep people safe and protect our communities.

“Please, help us keep you safe by adhering to these new measures.”

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