Holyrood business to be curtailed as Scotland tackles pandemic

Business at Scottish Parliament is to be cut back following advice to stay indoors amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Subject to parliamentary approval, business in the Holyrood chamber will not take place as usual on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

First Minister’s Questions typically takes place at noon on Thursday.

Nicola Sturgeon is due to make at statement in Holyrood on the Covid-19 pandemic on Tuesday, followed by a debate on a legislative consent motion for the UK Government’s emergency powers bill to deal with coronavirus.

The next date the Scottish Parliament is due to meet is Wednesday April 1.

The Scottish Parliament said in a statement: “Following yesterday’s announcement by the First Minister, the Parliamentary Bureau has met to confirm the chamber business for this week.

“Subject to Parliament’s agreement, the Parliament will meet today and next Wednesday April 1 2020 only.

“There is no chamber business scheduled for Wednesday March 25 or Thursday March 26.”

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