Lion cubs enjoy exploring their new home

Two lion cubs are enjoying life outdoors in the spring sunshine after being given the all-clear by vets.

The female cubs were born on November 22 last year at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling.

Having completed their immunisations and been introduced to the rest of the pride, the cubs now have full access to the large lion habitat in the drive-through reserve.

They were born to mother Libby and father Zulu, bringing the total pride at the safari park to nine.

Lion cubs
Lion cubs

Keepers have now launched a competition on the park’s Facebook page to find a name for the cubs.

Head keeper Brian Reid, who has been looking after the lions, said: “We’re delighted with our new additions.

“The little girls are playful and their mischievous behaviour is definitely keeping mum and dad on their toes.

“They’ve passed all their vet checks and are thriving.

“We can’t decide what to name the little bundles and are hoping that our fans on Facebook can come up with a few suggestions to help.”