Rest of the world overtakes China in cases of coronavirus

Cases of coronavirus inside China have been overtaken by those in the rest of the world, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed.

A total of 81,077 cases had been recorded in China up to March 16, compared with 86,434 outside the country.

The growth of cases in China has now plateaued, with new cases tending to number around 20-30 each day.

By contrast new cases in the rest of the world have passed 10,000 per day.

HEALTH Coronavirus
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There has also been a crossover in the number of deaths linked to coronavirus.

Total deaths in China had reached 3,218 as of March 16, according to the WHO.

The equivalent number outside China now stands at 3,388.

HEALTH Coronavirus
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Countries with reported cases of coronavirus totalled 135 as of March 16, up from 59 at the start of the month.

Some of the latest countries to record their first cases include Rwanda, Uruguay, Uzbekistan and the Seychelles.

There have also been the first cases in territories such as the Cayman Islands, Jersey and French Polynesia.

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