Alex Salmond begins giving evidence in sexual assault trial

Former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond has started giving evidence in his trial over accusations of sexual assault and one of attempted rape.

Salmond took to the witness box at the High Court in Edinburgh on Tuesday morning.

The 65-year-old faces 13 charges of alleged offences against nine women, all of which he denies.

He was formally acquitted of one charge of sexual assault on Monday after the Crown offered no evidence, reducing the total from 14 charges against 10 women.

Edinburgh High Court
Alex Salmond is on trial at the High Court in Edinburgh (David Cheskin/PA)

The Crown case concluded on Monday.

Salmond is on trial over accusations of sexual assault, including an attempted rape, spanning a period between June 2008 and November 2014.

His lawyers previously lodged special defences of consent and alibi.

Consent was given as a defence for three alleged sexual assaults and an alleged indecent assault against three women.

The trial, before judge Lady Dorrian, continues.

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