What the papers say – March 17

The Prime Minister’s press conference on the coronavirus – and his advice to Britons to avoid all non-essential contact – leads the bulk of Tuesday’s papers.

The Times says normal life has been put on hold for up to a year as restrictions “unprecedented in peacetime” are being brought into effect.

The Daily Telegraph carries the headline “Life put on hold”, with the Prime Minister calling on people to avoid pubs, clubs and theatres.

The Guardian‘s front page has a similar theme, with reports suggesting this approach could limit the death toll to 20,000, rather than six figures, as many fear.

The continued impact of the pandemic on global markets leads the Financial Times, which says stocks took a “fresh pummelling” on Monday.

Metro carries the headline “time to get anti-social”, while the i says the public is being urged to work from home where possible.

The Independent has the concise headline “Lockdown”.

The Sun mocks up a “closed” sign over the UK, saying the Grand National is cancelled among other events as the “PM shuts down Britain”.

The Daily Mirror leads on Mr Johnson’s “pandemic message”.

The Daily Mail says that Britain has “shut up shop”, as the country faces the “biggest shutdown of normal life since the Second World War”.

Mr Johnson “rallying” Britons to defeat the virus leads the Daily Express.

And the Daily Star says Britons will be asked to remain socially isolated, like Home Alone’s Kevin.