What support will workers get if they have to self-isolate?

The Government has announced a raft of measures in its Budget to support people who may need to spend time off work due to Covid-19.

It estimates up to a fifth of workers could have to self-isolate.

– What support will people told to self-isolate get?

Statutory sick pay will be available for employed workers who are advised to self-isolate.

This will be available from day one.

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Workers will be able to get sick notes via 111.

The Government will cover the cost of this for up to 14 days for firms with up to 250 employees, an estimated £2 billion for up to two million businesses.

-Are people caring for someone who is self isolating eligible for help?

Those in the same household as somone who has Covid-19 symptoms, who are caring for them, will also be entitled to sick pay.

-What if someone is self-isolating but not ill? 

People who are advised to self-isolate will be eligible for sick pay even if they have not yet developed symptoms.

-Are self-employed people covered?

Self-employed workers, who have paid full national insurance contributions for the past two years, will be able to claim employment and support allowance.

-How will benefits be affected?

Measures announced in the Budget intend to make it “quicker and easier” to access support.

Claimants will no longer have to wait a week before they can receive contributory employment and support allowance.

And Universal Credit claimants will continue to receive the same amount as usual – regardless of any time they are forced to spend out of work.

Anyone self-isolating will not have to come in to job centres and will be able to have appointments online or over the phone.

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