Camilla jokes about stealing the Crown Jewels on World Book Day

The Duchess of Cornwall has joked about how she becomes a Gangsta Granny who plots to steal the Crown Jewels.

Camilla was visiting Bousfield Primary School in London on World Book Day as she shared her love of reading with pupils.

The Duchess of Cornwall speaking during a visit to Bousfield Primary School in London to celebrate World Book Day (Philip Toscano/PA)

Referencing David Walliams’ popular comedy fiction novel for children Gangsta Granny, the duchess said: “Books can take you anywhere – a bit like stepping into your very own Tardis.

“You can play Quidditch with Harry Potter, win the golden ticket to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, go on a secret mission with Alex Rider, or, if you are like me, become a Gangsta Granny and plot to steal the Crown Jewels.”

Camilla urged youngsters to put aside their mobile phones and start reading.

Camilla speaking to a year one pupil on World Book Day (David Walliams’ Gangster Granny/PA)

“If I can give you one piece of advice before I leave, it is to put down your phones and pick up a book, especially before you go to bed,” the duchess said.

“After all, books never lose their signal or run out of battery and they will always take you to a thousand different worlds with every turn of a page.”

She added: “We all need to read for at least 10 minutes a day.

“It is such a magical thing to do and it will help you in every possible way – even with your maths and science.”

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