What the papers say – March 5

The spiralling coronavirus continues to be the main story across most front pages on Thursday.

The Times says Parliament could be shut for months while the virus is being tackled.

The i and The Independent report cases of the virus have risen sharply in the UK while Italy has closed all of its schools.

The Daily Express says “nothing can stop” the virus sweeping Britain, a line reinforced by the Daily Mail‘s headline of “The point of no return”.

Meanwhile, the Government has been accused of secrecy over the spread of the virus, according to The Guardian.

The Daily Mirror says the new James Bond film’s release has been delayed by seven months because of the virus.

The Daily Telegraph also features Bond on its front, beside a story saying new cases have trebled in the UK.

And Metro also takes the Bond line, with a headline of “Dr Says No”.

Away from the virus, the Financial Times says immigration crackdowns have affected the growth outlook forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility.

The Sun has a kiss-and-tell story from the ex-boyfriend of a Lotto winner.

And the Daily Star’s splash is a story saying bus drivers have to tolerate “anti-PC banter” in their jobs.

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