Shelagh Fogarty condemns Question Time rant

Shelagh Fogarty has spoken out on LBC about the viral clip of a woman's "racist" rant on Question Time.

This comes after the BBC faced criticism for sharing an anti-immigration tirade from a Question Time audience member on social media.

After playing the clip, Fogarty said: "Some people won't wish to challenge it, it will just strip them and reassure them that actually all their views about Britain sinking and being overwhelmed by migration, and there being no education system to speak of left there being no services left.

"Any serious damage to services that we've seen over the last decade is not to do with immigration. It's to do with austerity and cuts to those services."

Fogarty said: "Do we want to be a country that leaves tourists to bleed to death on streets when they're injured because they are tourist. I don't think they do? Do we? That's not Britain.

"Certainly not the Britain I recognise or wish to recognise."

She added: "So, the woman had almost everything wrong in what she said. It was all based on fear or antipathy of foreigners. What she said. She may be a very nice lady, but she's afraid of foreigners, clearly. And none of it was correct. Nothing she said was correct."

Fogarty concluded: "So we have to we have to challenge these statements every single time if they have even the whiff of nonsense about them, and pretty much everything that lady said was nonsense. Not at least not true."

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