Banksy says he is ‘kind of glad’ his latest Bristol piece was vandalised

Banksy said he is “kind of glad” his latest piece of artwork has been vandalised, as he released a series of sketches of it.

Residents in the Barton Hill area of Bristol awoke on February 13 to find the striking piece on the side of a building.

The artwork, in Marsh Lane, featured a stencilled image of a girl firing a slingshot of red flowers and leaves.

Within days, the piece was vandalised with pink spray paint reading “BCC WANKERS” scrawled across it.

As a result, the family who own the property have put temporary fencing in place and will install CCTV.

In a post on Instagram, Banksy wrote: “I’m kind of glad the piece in Barton Hill got vandalised. The initial sketch was a lot better…”

He posted three images showing sketches of the girl in the piece.

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