Trapped kittens rescued from car factory

Two kittens had a lucky escape from a car factory in Liverpool after becoming trapped under heavy machinery.

Staff reported seeing the frightened felines dashing around the Jaguar Land Rover engine press shop last Wednesday and called the RSPCA.

Dangerous machinery
Staff reported seeing the kittens in the engine press shop last Wednesday (RSPCA/ PA)

But the pair initially evaded capture by Animal Welfare Officer, Matt Brown, who set up a “basket trap” underneath the production line.

The RSPCA says that it is common for feral cats to find their way inside buildings such as factories and warehouses.

“It’s warm and dark and workers feed them so they’re going to stay – it happens a lot,” said a spokeswoman for the charity.

The kittens
The kittens initially evaded capture but were then taken to an RSPCA Animal Hospital (RSPCA/ PA)

The mischievous moggies were eventually caught on Thursday and taken to the charity’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for treatment for cat flu.

They have been named William and Lyons after the founders of Jaguar, William Lyons.

Mr Brown said that he was relieved that the kittens had been rescued safely, but that their mother remained at large somewhere in the factory.

Dangerous machinery
The kittens’ mother is thought to still be at large (RSPCA/ PA)

“Obviously staff were worried (the kittens) may get trapped in the machinery. There was no way I could get to them so we had to safely trap them,” he said.

“I am pleased they are getting the veterinary care they need and hopefully we will be able to reunite them with their mum soon too.”

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