Water levels in Monmouth remain high with more bad weather on the way

Water levels in Monmouth remain high with more bad weather forecast.

The Wye bridge in the town remains closed, but the severe flood warning has been downgraded to a flood warning.

Hundreds of residential and commercial properties have been flooded and several hundred people have either moved upstairs or found alternative accommodation.

Winter weather Feb 18th 2020
Ducks swimming in a back garden surrounded by flood water (Ben Birchall/PA)

A rest centre continues to operate from Shire Hall, Monmouth for any residents who require support.

Councillor Peter Fox, leader of Monmouthshire County Council, said: “My heart goes out to people across the county who have been impacted by the severe weather that we have been experiencing in Monmouthshire.

“I would like to thank all of our partner agencies who are working hard to keep people safe.

“Support and coordination from all emergency services has been excellent.

“The situation around Monmouth is challenging and dynamic. We have not been able to save all properties but all people are safe.

“Where people have required assistance to leave their home it has been provided and where people are choosing to stay we are helping where we can.

“There have been water based rescues and we are pleased to report everyone who has been rescued is safe albeit a number have been in need of care and support.

“This exercise is likely to run for several days yet.

“Residents are being advised to travel with care today as there is still a lot of water about.”

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