Kitten rescued during storm named Ciara

A frail kitten rescued during Storm Ciara after sheltering under a car is recovering after losing an eye.

The small tabby-and-white cat, who has been named Ciara, is being treated at the Cats Protection’s Cornwall Adoption Centre in Truro.

Ciara is thought to be around five months old but she is underweight for her age and looks the size of a three-month-old kitten.

The little cat was discovered in Ponsanooth, a village near Redruth, by a member of the public cowered beneath a Toyota Yaris car during the height of the storm.

After arriving at the charity’s centre, staff were able to dry her off, warm her up and immediately administer pain relief to give her comfort from her infected eye.

Ciara had her eye removed after undergoing surgery (Cats Protection/PA)
Ciara had her eye removed after undergoing surgery (Cats Protection/PA)

Ciara underwent emergency surgery to remove her left eye as it was either damaged during the storm or may have become infected as a result of cat flu.

Centre manager Libby Jepson said: “Little Ciara is an absolute sweetheart but is a little worse for wear.

“Her low bodyweight makes her ears look too big for her body, so she has a forlorn little face but she will soon grow into them once she’s had a decent diet for a while and some home comforts.

“Ciara is very friendly and has obviously been well socialised, but she was found in a rural area with not many houses around.

“She has no microchip but if anybody recognises her we would of course like to hear from her original owner, however without a chip the chances of finding where she came from are sadly quite low.

“If nobody comes forward she will be ready to find a new, loving home once her eye has healed.

“As with all our cats she will also be neutered, up to date with her flea and worm treatments as well as vaccinated before she moves in with her new family.”

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