Video: Hungry panda twins hand fed by keepers at Zoo Berlin

Young panda twins at Zoo Berlin are being bottle fed by their keepers to give their mother a helping hand.

Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan, who have been given the nicknames Pit and Paule, were born five months ago – the first pandas to be born in Germany.

Mother Meng Meng has proved an attentive parent but pandas typically only raise one cub in the wild so keepers are helping to hand-feed the youngsters to ensure both are getting enough.

Video released by the zoo shows Pit gripping on to the bottle as he is fed.

Keeper Anja Seiferth then gives the cub little pats on his back to help him digest his meal.

Pit the panda cub is burped after being bottle fed
Pit the panda cub is burped after being bottle fed

The pair, who each weigh around 24 pounds, are given 130ml of milk from a bottle once a day to supplement what they get from their mum.

The pandas, on loan from China, have proved hugely popular and took their first steps outside last month, to the delight of zoo visitors.

They will remain at the zoo for two to four years before heading to China.