From Lover, with love, on Valentine’s Day

The Royal Mail has unveiled a special postbox to mark Valentine’s Day, in a village called Lover.

The postbox, mounted on a post next to a hedge, is decked out with designs including Cupid’s bow and arrow.

Pop-up post office in Lover
Stanley, the village’s terrier mascot, attends the launch of a pop-up Valentine’s Post Office, which will be opening its doors to the public this Saturday in Lover, Wiltshire (Adam Gasson/PA)

Royal Mail is also sponsoring the village’s annual Lover Village Valentine Post, which involves marking cards with a stamp to show where it has been sent from.

Mark Street of Royal Mail, said: “As loved ones prepare to show their affection for one another, Royal Mail is playing an important role in delivering cards, letters and gifts across the UK.”

Lover is in Wiltshire, close to the border with Hampshire.

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