White Cliffs form backdrop for message of goodbye to EU

For the second time on Brexit Day, the White Cliffs formed the backdrop for a message of tender goodbye to the European Union.

On his last day in post, MEP Antony Hook beamed a massive message of goodwill to his fellow Europeans onto the famous chalk face of the Kent coast.

“We still love EU” could be seen from out to sea as the light faded on Brexit Day.

The projection by campaign group Led By Donkeys (Led By Donkeys/PA)

It comes hours after a love letter from two Second World War veterans was projected onto the cliffs at Dover.

In the seaside town of Ramsgate, south east MEP Mr Hook stood on the beach and said he was “devastated” that Brexit was going ahead.

Speaking to the PA news agency, Mr Hook said: “It is a reminder that for a good half of the country Brexit is happening against their wishes.

“I am devastated Brexit is happening today. My fear is that there are some for whom Brexit is just the beginning.”

The message was translated into many different European languages during the video.

Mr Hook said: “It is just to show that language is no barrier, that people in the EU – whatever language they speak – we are one community.”

He called on the UK to work closely with the EU to tackle common issues like climate change.

His giant cliffside projection today follows a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign that raised £14,952 for a giant “We still love EU” banner that was draped over the Dover cliffs last month.

A message to Europe, this morning on the White Cliffs of Dover. Sound on. pic.twitter.com/E3VY8BaGjK

— Led By Donkeys (@ByDonkeys) January 31, 2020

Just after midnight on Friday, activist group Led By Donkeys beamed a video message onto the White Cliffs that featured World War Two veterans Stephen Goodall and Sidney “Sid” Daw.

The pair lamented the UK’s imminent departure from the EU in an emotional video in which they talked about their hopes of a return one day.

After the touching words from the two veterans, the video ends with the stars on the EU flag slowly disappearing.

With just one star remaining, the line reads: “This is our star. Look after it for us.”

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