Unbelievable near miss sees driver dodge van

This was the shocking moment a UK driver had to swiftly dodge a speeding white van as it hurtled down the wrong side of the A13 motorway on January 27.

Dashcam footage shows traffic diverting from the outside lane to the centre where a sports car hotly anticipates the oncoming vehicle, which is revealed rapidly.

The driver manages to pull out of the way of the hurtling vehicle just in time. The driver explained: "I had just finished a job at Dagenham dock, mooring a ship.

"I came onto the A13 and was driving in the fast lane behind a Lamborghini, the Lamborghini started the brake quite heavy and was moving left and right I was thinking 'what the hell is he doing?'

"Next thing he swerved out the way and there was a van speeding towards me at about 90mph, for a split second I was in utter disbelief and then I swerved to my left almost hitting the Lamborghini as he had nearly blocked me in.

"About a minute later a police car came speeding up on the right side of the motorway so I assume the van was involved in a police chase.

"I rang the police in the morning in the hope they had caught the driver but the woman I spoke to didn't think so.

"She said someone would ring back for all the details and dashcam footage but no one rang back.

"I was on my own in the car and not sure if any accidents happened after."