Newcastle hospital treating coronavirus pair urges patients to attend as normal

The Newcastle hospital treating two patients for coronavirus has urged other patients to attend their appointments as normal.

In a statement, Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said there was “no risk” to other patients and visitors while the pair are undergoing treatment.

It said: “Our hospital is one of five highly specialised infectious diseases units capable of dealing with this illness.

“You should not be concerned – there is no risk to other patients and visitors.

“All of our services are operating as usual. If you have a hospital appointment, please attend this as planned.”

The two patients taken unwell are being treated at the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

The trust’s High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCID) unit has specialist areas where patients can be isolated to ensure infectious diseases are not spread further.

There are specific areas where staff can change in and out of protective clothing and equipment, while patient isolation rooms have tightly controlled air flow and filtering.

In severe cases of infection for patients, treatment can include life support such as the use of a ventilator, dialysis to support the kidneys and artificial hydration or nutrition.

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