Labour’s Long-Bailey calls for end to ‘tribalism’ to meet climate change goals

Labour leadership contender Rebecca Long-Bailey is calling for people to reject “tribalism” in order to work together to combat climate change.

At a campaign rally in Bristol on Saturday, the shadow business secretary will call for greater urgency in dealing with environmental issues.

Ms Long-Bailey is backing Labour aims to hit zero carbon emissions by 2030 as part of a “green industrial revolution” platform.

The shadow cabinet member will say: “We must put aside tribalism and work with everyone to hit Labour’s 2030 climate target.”

The Labour leadership candidate will say that every home should be insulated, investment should be put into 9,000 additional wind turbines, and a charging network to deal with 20 million electric cars should be created.

Ms Long-Bailey will say: “We need to think outside the box, put aside tribalism and work with everyone to hit the 2030 target.

“I know we lost in December. And I know that if we’d won I’d be working towards that target in government right now.

“But the climate crisis is too important for the future of our planet to put on hold for five years.

“Our progress in tackling the climate crisis can’t be left to the whims of Boris Johnson.

“To win the next election, Labour must become the natural home of all those who want to combat the climate crisis and take on the big polluters.

“That means there can be no watering down of the necessary and popular 2030 target.

“This is not just a political choice, Labour has a duty to campaign alongside others for reducing emissions by 2030 while in opposition.

“This means upping our game in Parliament, going community to community to build support for the green industrial revolution and actively supporting the climate strikers, Extinction Rebellion, anti-fracking campaigners and other movements across the world.”

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