Boris Johnson paves the way for limited Huawei access to 5G network

Boris Johnson has paved the way for Chinese firm Huawei to have a limited role in the UK's 5G network, in a move that will set up a diplomatic clash with the US.

The National Security Council chaired by the Prime Minister on Tuesday decided that "high-risk vendors" should be permitted to play a peripheral role in the network.

But advice issued to telecoms operators by the National Cyber Security Centre said such vendors should be barred from all safety-related and critical networks.

They will also be excluded from security critical "core" functions, and sensitive geographic locations, such as nuclear sites and military bases.

High-risk firms will also have their presence limited to no more than 35% in the periphery of the network, known as the access network, which connects devices and equipment to mobile phone masts.

The decision sets the PM up for a clash with many Tory MPs as well as the US, where Donald Trump's administration has lobbied against the UK allowing Huawei access.

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