Bigfoot spotted on traffic camera?

Staff writer

The Washington State Department of Transportation posted an intriguing picture online that managed to spark a flurry of tweets, after it appeared to show the legendary Big Foot.

The transport department's official Twitter account posted a snowy image of a tree with the cryptic message: "Have you noticed something strange on the Sherman Pass webcam before?

"If you look closely by the tree on the left there looks to be something... might be Sasquatch... We will leave that up to you!"

The image appeared to show a tall dark figure near a tree on a remote road.

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Many social media users suggested it could be part of the tree trunk or a trick of the light.

However, the department told users: "This is not a shadow or the tree trunk. There is a story behind it but what the story is, remains unknown.

Washington State is often cited as a hotspot for Big Foot activity, however, no conclusive evidence has ever been produced to prove the creature's existence.