Assistant director injured during making of Bond film settles damages claim

An assistant director who was seriously hurt in an accident during filming of the James Bond movie Spectre has settled a High Court damages claim.

Terry Madden, of Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, said his legs were crushed after a Range Rover skidded out of control while he was working on the film, which starred Daniel Craig, in Austria nearly five years ago.

He sued B24 and Eon Productions, companies behind the Bond franchise.

Judge Karen Walden-Smith was told by lawyers on Wednesday, at a High Court hearing in London, that a settlement had been agreed.

Lawyers said after the hearing that the terms of the settlement were confidential.

News of litigation emerged nearly two years ago.

A law firm representing Mr Madden told how a damages claim had been launched.

“Mr Madden was working as Second Unit Assistant Director on Spectre for B24 and Eon Productions, the companies behind the famous 007 franchise,” a spokeswoman for law firm Stewarts said.

“On February 17 2015, the Second Unit were filming action sequences of an aeroplane flying through a valley in the Austrian Alps using a remotely-operated camera rig mounted on a Range Rover.

“At the end of one of the shots, the vehicle skidded out of control and hit Mr Madden, pinning him against a camera rostrum and crushing his legs.”

The spokeswoman said Mr Madden was “highly regarded” for his work on Bond films and other movies.

Stewarts said the injuries Mr Madden suffered had ended a “successful and celebrated” career.

Mr Madden said: “I felt privileged and proud to work and be part of an active, exciting, but hard working industry, at times sacrificing family life.

“Then to have a career you worked hard over many years to build up, taken away within a few seconds in this horrendous accident, has been soul destroying.”

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