Thai woman bitten by python while sitting on the toilet

A terrified woman was attacked by a python as she was sitting on the toilet in her home in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mother-of-two Anna Sittiwichai, 50, screamed in pain when the 10ft long reptile plunged its fangs into her thigh and coiled round her leg.

She grabbed the python's head to try and remove it as it tried to suffocate her.

The housewife feared that the snake could kill her and swallow her whole.

Dang's daughter, Chunya, 24, and her brother, Top, heard their mother's screams of panic and rushed in to help.

Chunya (pictured below) and Top then bludgeoned the snake with a hammer before cutting its throat to disable the threat.

Horrific pictures show the blood-splattered bathroom following the snake attack on January 12.

Rescue workers arrived shortly after and dragged the ferocious reptile - which survived - into the street where it was stuffed into a bag and driven away.


Speaking on Friday (January 17), Chunya said: ''I heard my mother screaming and thought she was being attacked.

"Me and my brother ran in and there was blood everywhere while the snake was trying to kill her.''

Chunya said that her mother was trying to drag the snake off her body as it snack its fangs deeper into her flesh.

Unlike cobras, pythons are not venomous and rely on suffocating their victim through strangulation to kill them.

Chunya added: ''The snake bit my mother's thigh while she sat on the toilet. It buried its fangs into her leg then wrapped itself around her, trying to kill her.

''My mother was brave and she tried to catch the snake's head to make it release its fangs. But it would not get off her.

''She was calling for help for a long time and I'm sure she thought she would die. My brother is afraid of snakes but when he heard, he ran in with the cutter and gave it to my mother.''

Chunya said the snake ''started to grow stronger'' but her and Top used a hammer to attack it and cut its neck.

The snake eventually loosened its grip and fell to the floor.

''My brother slammed the door and locked the snake in the toilet while we waited for the rescue team to arrive,'' Chunya added.

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