Andrew Pierce rows with professor who argues Meghan and Harry are 'bullied by the press'

Andrew Pierce got into a heated row with a journalism professor who thinks Meghan and Harry have been bullied by the national press.

Brian Cathcart, Professor of Journalist at Kingston University, said on LBC: "For me, this isn't really a story about what Prince Harry gets up to and so forth. It's mostly a story about bad journalism, about bullying in this playground, as I say, and a good instance of it is this assumption that the Queen wasn't told."

Cathcart said: "Most of what is written about the royal family is speculative.

"What we see is a series of images designed and shaped by various people to influence our view. So, the picture we're given of Harry now, it used to be a picture of a nice, interesting, appealing young man.

"It's now somebody who is mentally unstable and is being bullied by a an American foreign wife who happens to be mixed race. That's the picture we're being given and that is a contrivance of people like you and people like the national press.

"This is bullying that's going on. They are being bullied and we're being being presented with a simple, straightforward picture that is, at best speculative, I don't know these people."

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