Leave.EU spark outrage with Harry and Meghan tweet

Campaign group Leave.EU has come under fire after sharing a doctored image of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The organisation's Twitter account posted a mocked-up picture of Prince Harry on his hands and knees with his wife standing on his back with one high-heel while holding a whip around his neck.

The post, shared on Thursday afternoon, was quickly condemned by Twitter users.

"Lost all respect for this account after this tweet. Very bad taste," wrote one.

Another posted: "Seriously?! Take five minutes. Sit down and have a serious word with yourselves."

A third said: "You have really scraped the bottom of the barrel here. Even by your low and pretty disgusting standards this is tasteless!!"

Some questioned what the post had to do with Brexit, with one exclaiming: "I voted leave, and I'm absolutely disgusted by this, gives leave voters a bad name!"

Another wrote: "This is embarrassing, even for you."