Caller lays into Lib Dem MP for refusing to accept Brexit

Liberal Democrat leadership hopeful Layla Moran got an earful on Iain Dale's LBC radio show this morning for refusing to accept the result of the Brexit referendum.

The Liberal Dems failed to make gains in the General Election in December as the Conservatives won a big majority behind his promise to "Get Brexit Done".

In the wake of this, a caller named Cornelius took Ms Moran - who is considering standing for leadership - to task.

He said: "She still doesn't accept the general election result, the result of the referendum and they will still try to oppose any deal and make it difficult for Boris Johnson to bring back any deal to parliament.

"We had to have another general election because parliament was blocked and you're still rabbiting on about staying in the EU.

"If you are so entrenched in the EU, why don't you just get a job with the EU? Clear off!"

Ms Moran replied: "If the winner takes all and you have all MPs voting the same way all the time, that's not a parliamentary democracy, that's a dictatorship."

When Dale suggested that the Lib Dems should at least recognise that Brexit was going ahead, she admitted: "We do. The parliamentary maths is what it is and I hope you've heard an understanding of where we are now.

"But you don't just go along with everything. Good decisions are made when all of the good points of view are in the room. That's what we're doing and we have a mandate to do that."

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