Astrologists make predictions for the royal family in 2020

No one can tell the future, but astrologists can have some ideas and it appears that more royal babies could be on the way.

Star sign experts Francesca Oddie and Ann-Louise Holland, told the Daily Mail that Prince William and Kate Middleton, both 37, could add to their three children this year, as could Harry and Meghan.

They said: "A lunar eclipse on the 10th of January, is the day after the Duchess of Cambridge's 38th birthday.

"'Eclipses repeat themselves every 19 years, and in 2001 Kate went to university, where she met Prince William and the trajectory of her life changed dramatically.

"We can expect something as transformational this year, if not more so as these eclipses fall in Cancer where they both have their natal moon.

"If she falls pregnant again, this will be an important child and will change Kate's outlook where she establishes herself as the nation's ultimate mother."

Apparently, Mars being in retrograde in Aries during September could mean Duchess Meghan takes a step back from public life in the second half of 2020, and this could be due to a second pregnancy.

Meanwhile, for Prince Harry, they say he will be showing "a more serious and determined side" due to the Sagittarius lunar eclipse sitting on his natal Mars, and another in July on his Capricorn ascendant.

"The usually happy and jokey Duke of Sussex will change his whole demeanor to a more fierce but mature figurehead with leadership qualities as he turns to the law to protect his family and set up new privacy precedents."