Amazon driver refuses to deliver bottle of sherry to 92-year-old woman without ID

An Amazon delivery driver refused to deliver a bottle of sherry to a 92-year-old woman because she could not show ID.

Louise Wilkinson's grandson had sent her the £8.50 bottle of Harvey's Bristol Cream.

When the driver arrived at her home in Seaham, County Durham, he gave Ms Wilkinson he requested photo identification before he would hand over the alcohol, reported The Sun.

He tried to deliver it again to her the following day and this time she showed him her bus pass which had her photo on it but he still refused to give her the sherry.

IT worker Carl, 41, said: "She is clearly old enough to drink and the second time she did have photo ID, but a bus pass isn't on Amazon's list of accepted identifications."

"I can understand that if you are lucky enough to look around 18 you should have to show ID. But my gran is 92. No-one could be in any doubt that she's old enough to drink."

"It just seems crazy. Obviously they have to be careful about selling alcohol online and have to make sure only people over 18 buy it."

"But why can't they be like in the supermarket where they just accept a visual check if you are clearly over 18. I don't see why Amazon drivers can't do the same."

"She is elderly so this obviously disturbed her a bit. People that age get anxious when things don't go to plan."

"I guess we'll get a refund now and I'll have to buy her the sherry and drop it off myself."