London’s New Year fireworks display to look ahead to Euro 2020

London’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display will this year look ahead to the city hosting several key games in the Euro 2020 football tournament.

Seven of the competition’s matches are set to be played in the capital, with Wembley Stadium scheduled to host the final and semi-finals.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the display would be celebrating the city’s “key” role in hosting the championship.

He added: “I am so excited that we are hosting seven games at next summer’s championship.

“Once again, we will show that London is open to the world as we welcome sports fans and football stars from all over Europe.”

Wembley area stock
Wembley area stock

Next summer’s tournament will take place in countries across the continent rather than being hosted by a single nation, with London set to host more fixtures than any other city.

The pyrotechnics show will feature more than 12,000 fireworks, with the display being set to a soundtrack “inspired by London and Europe”, according to a spokeswoman for the mayor.

Big Ben’s chimes will sound the start of the display despite them being silent this year while renovation work is completed.

The event has sold out after more than 100,000 tickets were sold and travel on Transport for London (TfL) services will be free between 11.45pm on New Year’s Eve and 4.30am on New Year’s Day.

New Year 2019 celebrations
New Year 2019 celebrations

Revellers have been warned by the Local Government Association to avoid “cheap and dangerous” fake alcohol being sold by rogue traders ahead of the New Year celebrations.

Their warning follows multiple council seizures of counterfeit vodka from shops and storage facilities, the organisation added.

“Some counterfeit bottles of vodka are said to contain industrial strength levels of alcohol which can lead to vomiting, permanent blindness, kidney or liver problems and, in extreme cases, death,” they said in a statement.