It is 'nonsense' to say scholarships for white boys will create a race divide, says caller

This LBC caller insisted that it is "nonsense" for people to say that providing scholarships to underprivileged white boys will create a race divide.

This is after private schools Dulwich College and Winchester College rejected Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites' offer of over £1 million to provide scholarships for poor white boys.

Caller Dominic, whose family are Caribbean, shared that he was awarded a scholarship to prestigious arts school Italia Conti.

"It certainly made a significant difference to my life at the time and has continued to.

"All the money that was being funded for employment and education initiatives were geared towards the black and ethnic minority communities, which of course it needed to be because of the imbalance at the time.

"I said we need to look ahead because potentially there's going to be a working class group that will be neglected and therefore will be disadvantaged in the future. Nobody really wanted to hear that at the time.

"So now when I hear that there is somebody putting forward money to fund places for disadvantaged young white kids in this country, I think it's a fantastic idea and I do think it's a fantastic idea what Stormzy's done. I can't understand what the issue is with people not wanting this to happen and thinking that it's causing some sort of race divide. It's nonsense."

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