What the papers say – December 30

The prospects for pension savings and the make-up of the Lake District are among stories making headlines on Monday.

The Daily Telegraph reports on a warning from the governor of the Bank of England that climate change will affect pensions, but the Daily Express has a very different take on the future of pension savings.

The Daily Mail splashes on what it headlines as a “£10bn rouge pensions scandal.”

The Sun splashes with a story saying “the boss of the Lake District sparked a snowflake row yesterday by saying the area was too white”.

The Times reports two leading private schools have rejected scholarships worth more than £1 million for “poor white boys” from a philanthropist for fear of breaching anti-discrimination laws.

The Guardian leads with a story saying sick children have been sent home from hospitals due to an “NHS beds crisis”, while The Independent also has a health story on its front page.

And the i says the honours list data leak “will cost tens of millions”.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror leads with a story urging people to “buy local in a bid to rescue dying high streets left to rot during a decade of Tory rule”.

The Daily Star front page says TV star Paddy Doherty led tributes yesterday to My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding twins Billy and Joe Smith after they were found dead.

And the Financial Times says a “sharp drop in IPOs stirs fears for shrinking public markets”.