Caller explains why he now feels 'embarrassed to be a white British person'

An LBC caller has explained that, since moving to Bedfordshire, he's become aware that the rest of the country feels like it's "20 years behind" behind London.

The caller said: "Basically, I grew up in London, went to school in London, worked in London up until a few months ago, I moved out of London and I'm embarrassed to be white if I'm honest with you."

He continued: "In my office, my workplace is all white people. The whole organisation is white and I've had transphobia comments, homophobic comments and I'm equally offended by all of them things and I'm not any of them things."

He explained: "I feel a lot of it is obviously ignorance and I feel that obviously, especially talking about my work colleagues, they might have not had the same upbringing as I've had.

They might not have gone to school with ethnic minorities and I don't think that's an excuse anymore."

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