Migrants are putting UK citizens at risk of disease, says nurse

The problem with migrants coming here is that they are putting UK citizens at risk of disease, this nurse told LBC.

Daryl, a nurse, called in out of concern about infectious diseases.

"The problem is tuberculosis," he said, "in years gone by we used to vaccinate, we used to do the BCG. The problem is now we don't do it anymore. When a person comes into a hospital with a cough, cold or whatever, we swab them. That swab goes to the lab and we find out what condition it is.

"We can tell which part of the world that particular TB has come from with various tests that the microbiologists do," he said, "so we know that these people are coming from these countries that do not vaccinate. MMR is another good one.

"So we spent billions and billions and billions over the years, decades, protecting our own people with vaccinations. We're now putting ourselves more at risk because these people are coming in who are not fully protected by vaccination," he said.

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