Santa spotting: Parents turn to smart tech to prove Father Christmas is real

Children yearning for proof that Santa has visited have long relied on hints such as putting a mince pie out on Christmas Eve, but technology could be the next step.

With the smart home and voice assistants more prevalent in homes, many parents are already using their devices to show that Father Christmas exists, according to a survey of over 1,002 parents by Hive.

Two-thirds (67%) indicated they have used technology to convince their child that Santa has stopped by, with almost a quarter (24%) using smart technology such as indoor security cameras, motion cameras and voice assistants.

Seven in 10 parents of children aged five to 11 years old indicate that they have used an online Santa tracker to show his busy journey across the world delivering presents.

Meanwhile, 60% have received a special phone call with Father Christmas – provided they made it on the good list.

“Our Christmas Detectives study shows that when it comes to Father Christmas, it’s clear that, seeing-is-believing, and so it’s fitting that British parents are looking for innovative ways to prove he has paid a visit,” said Peter Simon, managing director of Hive.

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