New MP protests during royal swearing-in oath

SNP MP Steven Bonnar clearly crosses fingers as he is sworn into the House of Commons, in protest at the oath made to the Queen.

The MP for Coatbridge Chryston & Bellshill made what seems to be a republican protest, despite taking the oath, which is a requirement of all new Members of Parliament.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen accused him of insulting the queen.

He told the Sun: "There are very few actions of the SNP MPs that would shock me, so I can't say it comes as a surprise, but I am sure they think it's being very very clever.

"It's insulting to the Queen, it's insulting to parliament, but the SNP hold very little value for the institution of the House of Commons."

Twitter users acted angrily to the image, with one demanding answers from both him and the SNP.

One posted: "Just a simple question @StevenBonnarSNP what possessed you to cross your fingers whilst affirming your lawful oath to serve @theSNP and members of your Constituency? We need this to be addressed with a public statement."

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