DUP’s Gregory Campbell retains East Londonderry seat

In one of the most unsurprising victories of the night, the DUP’s Gregory Campbell has retained his seat in East Londonderry.

With a lion’s share of the vote at 15,765, Mr Campbell was returned comfortably.

“When those who try to analyse and say votes are down, I hope they will look at the vote we got in East Londonderry and see that our majority is up,” he said.

“That’s because the people here want a hardworking, effective hard hitting MP who doesn’t pull any punches and that’s what they will get in the next few years.

“We will wait to see the outcome, and hopefully all parties commit to get back to Stormont to make this country the best country in the United Kingdom and make it a much more prosperous country we’ve had in the past.”

Speaking before his win, Mr Campbell said the onus was on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deliver on his brexit promises, adding: “Well, whatever majority Boris has there will be an onus on him to deliver on no checks east-west and an even bigger issue on how does he preside over the UK, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and how does he cement that and build that for the future.

“In my view, he has to do that on an economic basis, so that people here and in Scotland see a tangible benefit of staying in the UK, and then people will want to stay.”

The incumbent Mr Campbell romped home against newcomer SDLP candidate Cara Hunter on 6,128, who pipped Sinn Fein to the post for second place by just 30 votes.

Also running against Mr Campbell was Richard Holmes, UUP, Sinn Fein’s Dermot Nicholl, the Alliance Party’s Chris McCaw, and from newly-formed Aontu party Sean McNicholl.