Unrealistic for UK to complete trade deal with Brussels by end of 2020 – Barnier

Boris Johnson’s Brexit timetable has been described as unrealistic in comments reportedly made by the European Union’s chief negotiator.

In a leaked recording obtained by The Independent, Michel Barnier can be heard saying that a global trade negotiation cannot be completed in the time frame suggested by the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson has consistently vowed to take the UK out of the EU by January 31 and then finalise a trade deal with Brussels within 11 months to meet the transition period deadline.

Mr Barnier has previously said the trade talks after the UK leaves the bloc might be as tough as the negotiations that have taken up the last three years.

In the recording, published on the Independent website, Mr Barnier is speaking in French to a group of senior MEPs at a closed meeting this week, according to the news outlet.

He said: “I repeat that when it comes to this agreement we won’t do everything in 11 months – we will do the maximum.”

Mr Barnier points out that by June it needs to be decided whether or not the transition period will be extended to 2021 or 2022.

“We have to decide together with the British – not later – if the treaty is to be respected.

“Then we will have certainty and if there are no prolongations, we will have a few months still to achieve the conclusion – what I call the minimum economic needs for security or prepare ourselves for a cliff edge.

“Either we have a trade agreement or we will be in the framework of the WTO,” he said.

Mr Barnier added: “It is unrealistic that a global negotiation can be done in 11 months, so we can’t do it all.”

Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s campaign coordinator, said: “Boris Johnson is playing the British public for fools.

“He’s hiding in fridges to dodge interviews precisely because his fake Brexit slogans can’t stand up to scrutiny, just like his empty words on the NHS.

“Johnson’s sell-out Brexit deal will put us on the fast-track to a cliff-edge No Deal Brexit.

“And that’s exactly what he wants, so he can drive the UK into a toxic trade deal with Trump and put the NHS up for sale to US drug companies.

“The only place Johnson’s sell-out Brexit deal should go is into the deep freeze, just like Johnson when he doesn’t have the guts to face a reporter.”

Liberal Democrat shadow Brexit spokesman Tom Brake said: “Michel Barnier’s comments are further proof that Boris Johnson’s key campaign slogan is just another Tory fib.

“Just like his claim that there’ll be no checks on goods to Northern Ireland and his lies to the Queen, Johnson can’t help but mislead the British public.

“His reckless Brexit approach will send the country careering off the no-deal cliff next year.

“Voting Liberal Democrat tomorrow is your chance to stop Boris Johnson, stop Brexit and build a brighter future within the EU.”