Johnson makes final campaign push as polls suggest election race is tightening

Boris Johnson played the role of milkman as his stunt-laden campaign tour entered its final hours.

The Prime Minister started his day by helping load milk and orange juice bottles onto a delivery vehicle at Greenside Farm Business Park in Rawdon, West Yorkshire.

He then travelled to Guiseley where he delivered a crate of items to one house.

General Election 2019
Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers milk to Debbie Monaghan in Guiseley, ahead of Thursday’s General Election (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Two bottles of milk already outside the property were removed before the Conservative Party leader arrived.

He knocked on the door, which was opened by civil servant Debbie Monaghan, 40, who said: “Look who’s here.”

She called to her husband Mark, 40, and said: “So nice to meet you, Mr Prime Minister.

“What are you doing up so early?”

Mr Johnson said he was delivering milk, orange juice, washing up liquid and other things.

“I hope it’s eco-friendly that washing up liquid,” remarked Mrs Monaghan.

Mr Johnson replied: “All eco-friendly.”

He then reiterated campaign pledges, with Mrs Monaghan describing her husband as the “Brexit exit man”.

Mr Monaghan, who works for Northern Powergrid, told the PA news agency: “It’s a surprise.

“It’s very early, I assume he’s travelled a long way but I’m going to vote Conservative so I’m quite pleased.”

Mr Johnson has previously driven a JCB digger through a polystyrene wall, made rock in Blackpool, played football, changed a wheel on a Formula One car and done various other activities in a series of election events.

He was earlier asked about the narrowing polls, to which he replied to broadcasters: “This could not be more critical, it could not be tighter – I just say to everybody the risk is very real that we could tomorrow be going into another hung parliament.

“That’s more drift, more dither, more delay, more paralysis for this country.”

Pressed on whether he was nervous, Mr Johnson replied: “We’re fighting for every vote.”

Mr Johnson’s final day of campaigning sees him zig-zag across the country before concluding with a rally for Tory activists.

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