Corbyn questions PM’s integrity on last day of campaign

Jeremy Corbyn has used his first appearance on the last day of the General Election campaign to attack the Prime Minister’s integrity.

Speaking to activists in Glasgow on Wednesday, the Labour leader accused Mr Johnson of not telling the truth on talks with the US about a future trade deal – which he says will allow American firms access to the UK healthcare market – and the Brexit negotiations.

Mr Corbyn is due to speak in a number of different constituencies in the last day before polls open, making his way to London on Wednesday night.

He said: “Can you honestly trust a Prime Minister who cannot tell the truth about the talks with the Americans over the privatisation of our National Health Service?

“Who cannot tell the truth about the Brexit negotiations he so failed to deliver on?

“Or one who keeps on making promises that turn out to be a mirage the following day.

“The question is, when you go to vote, you need to know that the people you’re electing not just mean what they say but say what they mean.”

Mr Corbyn also said his party “has never indulged in the politics of personal abuse and never will”.

He added: “It demeans politics, it demeans democracy.

“It doesn’t build a house, it doesn’t train a doctor, it doesn’t end poverty.”

The Labour leader also said his party is under attack from “some in the media” and the political right.

“But I tell you this – our skills, our principles and our determination are stronger than ever,” he said.

“We don’t bow down, and we take our message all across the country.”

General Election 2019
Mr Corbyn was introduced by Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard (Andrew Milligan/PA)

During the speech, which kicked off the Labour leader’s final push for votes across the country, Mr Corbyn said a Labour government would bring an end to austerity and child poverty, scrap Universal Credit, build homes in a bid to “end homelessness, and poverty” and invest in a “green industrial revolution” to tackle climate change.

He added: “In this city of Glasgow, which has some of the poorest people in this country, which has wards which contain the lowest life expectancy all across this country, they need an end to austerity.

“They need a UK government that will invest all across the country and give real hope and real security to people.

“That is the offer that Labour makes and we’ve carried that message all across the country during the last 51 days of this campaign.”

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