Man 'attempts to steal woman's wheelchair'

Staff writer

Passengers on a light rail, in the united States, rushed into action after a man attacked a woman and tried to steal her wheelchair from under her.

The incident which happened in Phoenix, Arizona, shows a man wearing what police described as 'reindeer slippers' rise from his seat and immediately start attacking the woman, trying to remove her from the wheelchair.

The woman grabs at handrails to hold on, but he pulls one of her hands off a handrail, throws her out of the chair, and pushes it off the tram.

At that moment, several passengers chase after the man, with one slamming him against a barrier on the station platform.

The man drops the wheelchair and flees on foot. Police released the footage branding the suspect a 'holiday crook' saying: "Despite his reindeer slippers, this criminal was NOT spreading holiday cheer. He tried to steal a wheelchair right out from under a woman, but hero passengers on the light rail came to her rescue".