Campaign highlights: DUP attacks Boris Johnson while Labour reveals budget plans

Arlene Foster has accused Boris Johnson of breaking his word over his commitment to protect the union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile shadow chancellor John McDonnell announced plans for a February budget that will end austerity “once and for all”, and the Lib Dems set out a £100 billion spending plan to tackle climate change.

Here are some of the highlights from Monday’s campaign trail:

– Boris Johnson faces DUP questions over trade within the UK after Brexit

General Election 2019
General Election 2019

The Prime Minister has been accused of breaking his word over his commitment to protect the union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland by the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party.

Arlene Foster said Government officials had told her there would need to be checks.

She said the DUP had been told by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) officials before the PM announced his deal that there would be checks between the mainland and Northern Ireland.

– Labour promises a February Budget to end austerity

Mr McDonnell said he will deliver a budget on February 5 that will end austerity “once and for all”.

Mr McDonnell said his budget would save the NHS, rebuild public services and introduce a real living wage of £10 per hour for all workers over 16.

His budget, he added, will also put more money into an emergency package of reforms to Universal Credit while Labour designs a replacement social security system.

– The Lib Dems have set out a £100 billion spending plan to tackle climate change

The party would aim to generate 80% of electricity from renewables by 2030 and retrofit all homes, targeting those in fuel poverty first by 2025 as part of “our plan for tackling the climate emergency”.

A Lib Dem government would promise to plant 60 million trees a year, ensure all new cars sold are electric by 2030 and ban all non-essential, non-recyclable, single-use plastic within three years.

– Nicola Sturgeon suggests a second EU vote would take place before another Indyref

General Election 2019
General Election 2019

Scotland’s First Minister has suggested that a fresh referendum on Brexit would be held before a second vote on Scottish independence.

Nicola Sturgeon said that Labour’s intention to hold an EU poll within six months of being elected, with a choice between Remain and a deal negotiated by Jeremy Corbyn, would indicate that a Brexit vote would be first on the ballot.

Ms Sturgeon reiterated her view that another Scottish referendum should be held towards the end of 2020.

– Jo Swinson reveals somebody suggested she should wear lower-cut tops

The Liberal Democrat leader said she has had lots of “unsolicited advice” during the election campaign – including a tip to wear lower-cut tops.

Ms Swinson added she has had people telling her to speak and dress differently, but said she will be “true to myself”.

The Lib Dem leader said the comments were not from within her own team.

Tweet of the day

ITV journalist Joe Pike shows Mr Johnson a picture of a four-year-old boy lying on a pile of coats on a hospital floor.

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General Election 2019
General Election 2019

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What’s next?

  • Jeremy Corbyn is taking the Labour campaign to north-west England where he will visit a library in the morning and a school in the afternoon.

  • The Conservative Party has not yet confirmed its plans for Tuesday.

  • Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson is visiting south-west England to attend a rally and then tour the region to discuss issues including Brexit and the NHS.

  • Nigel Farage will hold a Brexit Party press conference in London on Tuesday morning.

  • The Green Party is making an announcement in London expected to relate to its policies for students.