Ulster Hall event hears calls to resist Boris Johnson’s Brexit ‘betrayal act’

Crowds have attended a meeting in Belfast where pledges to “resist” Boris Johnson’s proposed Brexit deal were heard.

The Rally For The Union at the Ulster Hall heard the Prime Minister’s deal described as the “betrayal act”, which would lead to an “economic united Ireland”.

Organisers said the aim of the event was to encourage votes for unionist politicians “in the hope of returning a maximum number of unionist MPs to Westminster”.

The event on Friday evening – which was not open to media – is the latest in a series which have taken place across Northern Ireland in recent weeks against Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal.

Unionists and loyalists across the board have expressed opposition to Mr Johnson’s Brexit withdrawal deal, claiming it creates a “border down the Irish Sea” through proposed regulatory arrangements.

In a statement issued on Sunday, rally organisers accused the Prime Minister of “betrayal”, “placing us in what would be tantamount to an economic United Ireland”.

Only people who would speak to the media after the meeting were Jamie Bryson and Moore Holmes pic.twitter.com/SAVSsgcWo7

— Rebecca Black (@RBlackPA) December 6, 2019

The event also heard messages of support from representatives of the Orange Order and Apprentice Boys Of Derry in Scotland, before hearing DUP candidate Nigel Dodds and TUV leader Jim Allister giving “their perspectives on the current political crisis”, according to the statement from the organisers.

The statement concludes: “The overwhelming message of the evening was unambiguous. This generation of loyalists will not be the generation to fail Ulster.

“We will not tolerate an economic united Ireland. We will not accept a border in the Irish Sea. We will vote unionist on the 12th December. We will resist the Betrayal Act.”