What the papers say – December 8

Election campaigning lead the nation’s Sunday newspapers, in particular the Labour Party’s ongoing problems with accusations of anti-semitism.

The Sunday Times leads with its own investigation into internal Labour documents said to show its poor record in tackling anti-semitism.

The Mail on Sunday carries warnings about Labour being a threat to Jews, along with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s call for voters to save Britain from a “Friday the 13th horror” by keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of power.

The Observer and The Independent say electors could still tip out the Government through tactical voting.

The Sunday Telegraph reports the Tories have plans to put limits on unskilled migrants.

And the Sunday Express leads with Mr Johnson telling voters Brexit is now up to them.

Away from the election, The Sun on Sunday says ITV is set to axe a reunion between two TV stars, and the Sunday Mirror says actor Cliff Parisi was jailed when he was 19 for involvement in a bank robbery.

The Sunday People reports on a “crack dealer” teacher who wants to be allowed to go back to work.

And the Daily Star Sunday leads with I’m A Celebrity.