UK set to be battered by first named storm of the season

The UK is set to be battered by storm force winds this weekend with gusts of up to 70mph, according to the Met Office.

An area of low pressure, named Storm Atiyah by Irish meteorolgical service Met Eireann, is expected to move from the west of the country across to the east late on Sunday going into Monday.

The storm is the first of the season to be named and has triggered a Yellow national severe weather warning for wind for the west coast of Wales and the south west of England.

The Met Office-issued warning is from 3pm on Sunday and currently runs through to 9am on Monday.

Winds inland are expected to reach 50-60mph, winds around the coast expected to reach 70mph, and large coastal waves are expected.

Strong winds are also expected for western parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland, with gusts of up to 57mph overnight.

The low-pressure is expected to move to the east coast of north England and Scotland in the early hours of Monday morning with gusts up to 55mph.

Deputy chief meteorologist Tony Wardle said: “The UK is in for an unsettled period of weather with some very strong winds, especially along the west coast. Gusts of 50-60mph are expected quite widely inland, with up to 70mph gusts around some coastal locations.

“As well as strong winds there will be large coastal waves in the south west, so bare this in mind before heading out in these regions. Monday will be a much-improved day with brighter and drier conditions moving in from the west before another period of wet and windy weather on Tuesday.”