PM has ‘ducked and dived’ his way through election campaign, Sturgeon claims

Boris Johnson has come under fire from Scotland’s First Minister for “evading scrutiny” during the General Election campaign.

Nicola Sturgeon claimed the Prime Minister had “ducked and dived” to avoid having to answer tough questions.

The Prime Minister has so far refused to be interviewed by the BBC’s Andrew Neil and opted not to take part in a climate change debate – events Nicola Sturgeon has taken part in.

The SNP leader has added her voice to those criticising the PM as she boarded her campaign bus, which was emblazoned with the slogan “Stop Brexit”.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Boris Johnson has ducked and dived, evading scrutiny throughout this whole campaign and no wonder because everybody knows that if he gets his way he drags Scotland out of the EU against our will, out of the single market and the customs union, plunging us into the next round of Brexit chaos that could cost every person in our country £1,600 and a process that could end with a no-deal Brexit later next year.”

She urged Scots to use their ballots to deny him a majority in the House of Commons and “lock Boris Johnson out of power”.

Appealing to supporters of rival parties, she said: “No matter how you voted in the past, let’s come together in this election to make sure that our future is not determined by Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.”

Ms Sturgeon, who was campaigning in South Queensferry, added: “We know Labour is not strong enough to beat the Tories in Scotland and we know that the last time they had the opportunity, the Liberal Democrats put the Conservatives into Government rather than locking them out of Government.

“We should never, ever trust them again.”

Seven days to stop Boris Johnson, escape the Brexit mess and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

— Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) December 5, 2019

With polling day a week away, she urged people to “come together next week to vote in a way that locks the Tories out of Government, that allows Scotland to escape the mess of Brexit”.

The SNP leader said: “Think carefully, not just about how you will feel a week today, think about how you want to feel a week tomorrow.

“Think about the news you want to be waking up to.

“I don’t believe that many people in Scotland want to be waking up on Friday December 13 to news of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister for five years, deciding and dictating Scotland’s future.”