Corbyn ‘working out ownership of Chequers’ after suggesting he may give it up

Jeremy Corbyn has said he is trying to work out the ownership of the Prime Minister’s country residence Chequers after suggesting he would give it up if he wins next week’s General Election.

The Labour leader said on Wednesday that he would consider relinquishing the 16th-century residence after John McDonnell suggested he could offer the Number 11 Downing Street flat to a homeless family if he becomes chancellor.

During a campaign visit in Peterborough on Thursday morning, Mr Corbyn was asked if he is planning to give the Chiltern Hills retreat to a homeless family.

“I’m not even sure who owns Chequers actually because I’m trying to work that out. I’ve never been there. I don’t know what the place is like,” the Labour leader said.

“I’m campaigning to win the election to become prime minister, that’s quite enough and I just want to do the job of prime minister, I’m not really very interested in country houses.”

Chequers was gifted a century ago to whoever holds the office of prime minister to allow them a place to retreat from the bustle of Downing Street.

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