Gas engineers restore supplies to more than 5,000 properties

More than 5,000 properties have been reconnected to the gas network as engineers work to restore supplies following a failure in the Falkirk area.

Around 3,000 remain without gas following the problems, which first started on Sunday.

Most of the 14 schools and educational establishments shut on Monday reopened on Tuesday as the issue was resolved, though three remained closed.

Gas network company SGN has drafted in engineers from across the country to help restore supplies, with staff from its depots in southern England joining the effort along with engineers from 10 other organisations including fellow gas network companies Cadent and Northern Gas Networks.

SGN previously suggested it could be Friday or even into the weekend before supplies were restored to everyone but said work was ahead of schedule on Tuesday.

The company said: “We’re being supported by our local authority partners to ensure that we’re able to get gas supplies into the most vulnerable households as a priority.

“Thank you to all our partners in the local community for the help you’re giving both us and affected residents.”

The company said a fault in a piece of equipment that regulates pressure in the gas network was to blame.

Gas mains failure
Gas mains failure

SGN set up an information point at Camelon Community Centre, with electric hotplates and heaters made available for vulnerable residents, older people and those with young children.

Those affected by the problems will receive compensation for the time they were left without a gas supply and will receive £30 compensation per household for each complete 24-hour period with no gas.

SGN said it was also offering people an additional payment of £30 as a gesture of goodwill in recognition of the severe weather in the first 24 hours of the incident and the additional electricity they may have used to heat their home.

The compensation will be paid automatically through each household’s gas supplier.