Maajid Nawaz attacks Government for failing to effectively address terrorism

Maajid Nawaz argued on LBC that, since Theresa May, there has been inaction from the government in efforts to deradicalise terrorists.

Nawaz said: "Since Theresa May became prime minister, from her premiership onwards till this day, the Government has completely taken their eye off the ball on what we call counter-radicalisation.

"The only thing you can do with those who have served their sentences if you believe in a country that implements the rule of law, you have to release them from jail, the only thing you can do is ongoing deradicalisation efforts with them.

"And sometimes they don't work, as is evidenced yesterday.

"The second thing, which is more important because deradicalisation as evidenced by yesterday is extremely inefficient, the second thing is the most important one which is preventing them becoming radicalised in the first place.

"The Home Office and the Government have completely taken their eye off the ball.

"They've stopped engaging with the voices that address these issues, they mistrust pretty much everybody that talks about it.

"They've closed in on themselves and led by Theresa May, during her time as Secretary of State for Home Affairs at the Home Office all the way through to her premiership and then that legacy has continued, they've had an obsessive focus with a law and order approach.

"Because they simply don't understand the importance of making sure people don't become radicalised in the first place."

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