Katie Price’s boyfriend threatened to break my jaw, police officer tells court

Katie Price's former boyfriend threatened a police officer in the street while the glamour model sat in a vehicle nearby, a court had heard.

Pc Paul Blundell told the court Kris Boyson confronted him and told him: "I am going to break your f****** jaw".

The incident followed a row between Boyson and two photographers who had been taking photos of Ms Price, prosecutors say.

Fitness expert Boyson, 31, of Haven Close, Gravesend, Kent, who reportedly split with the reality star earlier this week, is on trial at Medway Magistrates' Court.

He denies a charge of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to cause fear of or provoke unlawful violence.

Giving evidence on Thursday, Pc Blundell said he and a colleague had been in Haven Close for an unrelated matter.

He said: "I had exited the vehicle and was walking towards the end of the cul-de-sac.

"At that point I was shouted at by a male."

He said the male shouted "grab that phone off of him".

Despite Pc Blundell taking out his warrant card, Boyson became agitated and threatened him, the court heard.

Pc Blundell said: "He did not believe I was a police officer.

"I heard a female voice shout 'he's fake police' and that was when I looked at the direction of the people carrier.

"That is when I saw a female known to be Katie Price in the driver's side of that vehicle."

Then Boyson threatened him, Pc Blundell told the court.

He recalled Boyson telling him: "I am going to break your jaw. I am going to break your f****** jaw."

Defence solicitor Paul Macauley asked him why one of the photographers did not recall hearing such words.

Mr Macauley also suggested that he had left his police vehicle and walked along holding his phone up and taking photographs.

Pc Blundell said this was not the case.

Mr Macauley argued that the "reality" is that no threats were made by Boyson.

Pc Blundell said this was not the case.

Earlier one of the photographers said he was "genuinely fearful" of Boyson, who he said made it clear he would not be allowed to leave with photos he had taken of Ms Price, who was declared bankrupt earlier this week.

Boyson became aggressive and demanded that two photographers delete photos they had taken of Ms Price, prosecutor Piers Restell said.

Mr Restell told the court how Boyson also became agitated with Pc Blundell, who he thought had been taking pictures.

Giving evidence, press photographer Matthew Sprake said he had been "genuinely fearful" at the time.

He and another photographer had been sent to take photographs of Ms Price, who had been involved in a car accident the previous day, he told the court.

Boyson approached them and was "obviously not very happy" about the pictures, Mr Sprake said.

He added: "It was a case of 'give me the pictures or I am going to smash the cameras over your head'."

The trial was then adjourned and will resume on December 19.